Club Requirements

 Approved Clubs  

  • Approved clubs have a contract for 2 school calendar years. Clubs must submit a club renewal application at the end of their 2nd school year for approval by the Club Committee. 

  • All announcements, posters, handouts, and T-shirts must first be approved by the sponsor before seeking final approval from Dr. King & the Boca High administration team. 

  • All posters or information that needs approval, after the sponsor has approved it, should emailed to




  • If a club would like to meet at a time or on a day that is different from the time/day submitted on the Master Club Meeting Calendar, sponsors must fill out a special Club Meeting Request form at least one week prior to the meeting.

  • At each meeting, sponsors & club leaders must complete a Club Meeting Minutes Form, with names of all students in attendance. The form must be submitted under the Sponsor's log-in credential and is REQUIRED in order to receive compensation.

  • Clubs must have a MINIMUM of 15 members in order for the sponsor to receive compensation. 

  • Club sponsor/teacher must be present and supervise all club meetings. 

  • Club meetings can meet before school and after school. Lunch meetings are suspended until further notice and will resume once approved.


  • Club sponsor/teacher must be present at all fundraiser events and must approve all notices concerning activities. 

  • Club sponsor/teacher must account for all money through the school bookkeeper. 

  • Encourage student involvement and commit to the growth and development of the Boca High Club. 

  • A Boca High staff member should not agree to sponsor a school club unless he/she has the time and commitment to assist the club in becoming a long-lasting, stable, and influential club that benefits the Boca High students, school, and community. 


  • All fundraisers must be approved in advance, and the forms completed by the club sponsor with a detailed description proposal.

  • All Palm Beach School District policies must be adhered to for fundraisers.